AQUA 20 Classic

The AQUA 20 Classic is a small, glass aquarium equipped with a hinged hood and a high-performance filtration system Ciano® to keep the water crystal clear for as long as possible and with the least possible effort.

quadrado_preto quadrado_branco
  • Frame in anti-shock plastic;
  • Polished corners;
  • Hinged hood;
  • WATER CLEAR "S" and FOAM 30PPI "S" for crystal clear and odorless water;
  • Optional – LED lighting system CLA20 Ciano®..

  • 1 Inner Filter CF40 Ciano®;
  • 1 Dose WATER CLEAR “S” Ciano®;
  • 1 FOAM “S” 30PPI Ciano®;
  • 1 Instruction Guide.

Color Black White
Reference EUR AQM540133 AQM540155
Reference UK
AQM540721 AQM540730
Dimensions (LxWxH)
40 x 20 x 26 cm
Useful Volume 17 L
Gross weight
3,05 Kg,en

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