CFSTONE40 Ciano® filter it's a new generation of inner filter. Your stone shaped design, makes it "mix" with the decoration of the Aquarium. It's a high-performance filtration system, easy installation and low maintenance. Their two independent water circuits ensure cleanliness, water treatment and assure the colonization of bacteria.

Ideal for aquariums between 20 and 40 Liters with max height up to 35 cm.

  • Stone shaped filter;
  • Two independent water circuits:
    • 1 - Assures cleaning and water treatment;
    • 2 – Ensures the colonization of bacteria;
  • Two options for water outlet;
  • Hidden electrical cable;
  • Low energy consumption;
  • Triple filtration (mechanical, biological and chemical) Ciano®.

  • 1 Spray Bar adjustable height up to 35 cm (more uniform water distribution and increased oxygenation);
  • 2 Dose WATER CLEAR “S” Ciano®;
  • 1 Dose BIO-BACT “S” Ciano®;
  • 1 FOAM “S” 30PPI Ciano®;
  • 1 Instruction Guide.

Color Gray
Reference EUR EQM200005
Reference UK
Dimensions LxWxH
14,7 x 13,8 x 5,3 cm
Motor 200 l/h
Max Height 35 cm
Min Volume 20 L
Max Volume
40 L
Gross weight
0,44 Kg,en
Consumables Size "S"