Emotions PRO 60

This new range of aquariums will help you discover all the beauty of the Aquarium thanks to its attractive lines and of excellent quality. An easy-to-maintain Aquarium allowing maximum access to the inside of the Aquarium. The size of the Emotions® PRO 60 adapts to any space in your home.

Equipment Included

1 Biological filter CFBIO150 Ciano®;

1 LED lighting system CLE60 Ciano® (18W – 30VDC);

1 Converter LED(27 - 40VDC);

1 Water Pump 260 l/h;

1 Heater 100W;

1 Dose WATER CLEAR “L” Ciano®;

1 Dose BIO-BACT “L” Ciano®;

1 FOAM “L” 30PPI Ciano®;

Available Colors

Available Sizes



Elegant and functional aquarium

Made with materials of excellent quality, where the frames in lacquered aluminum stand out. Includes a lid that allows full access to the aquarium making it easy to maintain. As an option you can purchase a mobile Emotions Pro developed with the same lines that provide a perfect set.

Economic and powerful lighting

Equipped with a certified CLE60 Ciano® LED lighting system, which provides economical and powerful lighting.

Efficient and functional biological filtration

The aquarium is equipped with a CFBIO150 Ciano® biological filtration system, with more filtration power due to its horizontal filtration (filter masses). The filter is equipped with a high performance motor 260 l / h, an efficient 100W heater and the consumables (1 Water Clear “L”, 1 Bio-Bact “L” and 1 FOAM “L”), for a chemical filtration, biological and mechanical. Optionally, you can attach a fully immersible digital thermometer with integrated sensor.

Technical information

Color Black | White
Reference EUR (Black / White) AQM700111 | AQM700112
Reference UK (Black / White) AQM700708 | AQM700709
Aquarium dimensions (LxWxH) 61,2 x 40,2 x 56 cm
Useful Volume 106 L
Gross weight 24,42 Kg
Optional table - Color Black | White
Optional table - Reference TAB570027 | TAB570028
Optional table - Dimensions (LxWxH) 61 x 40 x 83 cm



Frames in lacquered aluminum.


Frosted rear glass.


With full access to the aquarium.

Food lid

Possibility of placing automatic feeder.

LED Lighting System

Powerful and economical.

CFBIO Ciano®

Biological filtration.

Digital thermometer

Optional for the CFBIO.


Designed especially for Emotions Pro.