Nexus Pure 5C

The Nexus Pure 5C is a bold and attractive diamond-shaped glass aquarium designed with high-quality materials to which the Nexus range has already accustomed us.

Equipment Included

Protected lid prepared for CLN5 RGB Ciano® LED;

Filter holder CF20 Ciano®.

Available Colors

Available Sizes

5C 14C


Bold design

The Nexus Pure 5C stands out for its unique, bold and modern diamond-shaped design. Its shape and size, allow it to adapt to any room in your home or workplace, making it more attractive and relaxing. The Nexus Pure 5C includes a filter holder CF20 Ciano Filter® and a hinged protective lid prepared for the CLN5 RGB Ciano® touch illumination system.

High-performance filtration (optional)

The CF20 Ciano Filter® filter, which can be purchased separately, is fitted with a flow regulator that makes it ideal for small fish like Betta Splendens. The triple filtration capability will keep the water crystal clear and unscented.

Attractive lighting (optional)

It is also possible to complement the Nexus Pure 5C with an LED lighting system, the CLN5 RGB Ciano®, a touch and certified system, which offers great performance with reduced energy consumption. With the RGB CLN5, you can opt for white lighting or activate the RGB system which gives you distinct illumination through the automatic color transition (Red, Green and Blue).

Technical information

Color Black | White
Reference AQM690130 | AQM690131
Dimensions (LxWxH) 26,9 x 31 x 26,2 cm
Useful Volume 5,5 L
Gross weight 2,24 Kg



Sleek and modern in diamond shape.

Protective lid

Ready to receive the touch lighting system.

CLN5 RGB Ciano®

Touch illumination system (optional).

CF20 Ciano Filter®

Optimized for small fish (optional).


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