Maintenance of the Aquarium

Keep your aquarium in excellent conditions

Every 15 days

Every 30 days

1. Add Water Conditioner

Partially change the water (25%). Add WATER CONDITIONER.

2. Clean the Water Foam.

Clean the WATER FOAM and everything you think is necessary.

3. Replace the Water Clear & Protection

Replace the WATER CLEAR & PROTECTION cartridge. If you are not using it, add the WATER CLEAR & PROTECTION liquid.

Every 60 days

1.Replace the Fish Protection and Plants Protection

Replace the PLANTS PROTECTION and FISH PROTECTION dosing device (for aquariums with plants).

Every 90 days

1. Replace the Water Foam sponge

2. Replace the o Water Bio-bact pack 3 months.

Every 140 days

1. Replace the Water Bio-Bact cartridge

2. Do not replace Water Bio-bact pack 3 months.


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