The Ciano® is a brand for aquarium based on the historical roots of an industrial unit and a team that for over twenty years, thanks to its quality and innovation created and produced famous brands for the fish keeping market such as Aqualife®, Zeneō® or Aquarama.

The team Ciano® is gifted by a long history and a structure for production and supply known as "Lean". The Ciano® established mission is to develop a passion for aquarium offering integrated solutions that facilitate the use and aquarium maintenance ensuring effective support to plant life and fish with quality products.

Ciano® has the product lines Aqua, Decor (Betta Life e Nexus Pure®), Emotions Nature® and Tartarium®.

The Ciano® relies on the reference brands in the market to offer its customers an optimized filtration solution. Thanks to this collaboration, the maintenance becomes even easier to maximizing the success of the aquarist.

The distribution range CIANO® is done through a network of specialists in aquarium, through renowned partnerships with distributors and established in major markets. Work directly with these partners is a guarantee of fast response, flexibility and technical expertise to best meet the needs of each market.