A specialist in fishkeeping,

the company CIANO® provides with various ranges of aquariums, filtration, lighting, accessories and decoration which benefit from the latest technological innovations and guarantees that only a major brand can offer.

The team Ciano® is gifted by a long history and a structure for production and supply known as “Lean”. The Ciano® established mission is to develop a passion for aquarium offering integrated solutions that facilitate the use and aquarium maintenance ensuring effective support to plant life and fish with quality products.

Ciano® has the product lines Aqua, Nexus Pure®, Emotions®, Tartarium®, My Aquarium, CF®, Ciano® consumables and CLA.

The distribution range CIANO® is done through a network of specialists in aquarium, through renowned partnerships with distributors and established in major markets. Work directly with these partners is a guarantee of fast response, flexibility and technical expertise to best meet the needs of each market.