Protection for all kinds of fish with natural plant extracts. Stimulates the immune system and reduces the risk of disease.


Protects the gills, skin and fins of the fish through natural plant extracts and indispensable vitamins which the fish are used in their natural biotope.
Functions as a natural lining that protects the fish from the agents that cause disease, and has a lasting effect.
The FISH PROTECTION dosing device is ideal for controlled, continuous and worry-free addition of the solution over time.

Available colors


Available sizes


Main features

Universal with easy installation

The Fish Protection dosator is UNIVERSAL, equipped with suction cups that allow it to be used in any aquarium through a simple and quick installation.

Continuous protection more efficiently

Until then, the dosing of liquids in the aquariums is done manually, allowing for forgetfulness and with variations in dosage which causes peaks in the protection of the fish.
With the Fish protection dosator, and through its automatic dosing system, protection for your fish will be continuous (without spikes) and more efficient over 60 days *. (see graph)

*Estimated consumption time.

No power consumption!

The Fish protection dosator is completely autonomous, requiring no energy for its operation. Just needing to respect the water level (MAX and MIN) indicated on the dosator.


For simple management of the fish protection, Ciano has the My Ciano application, which allows real-time monitoring of consumable wear, creating alerts for the renewal of the consumables.

Technical information

Size S
Color Black
Reference COM560043
Water Freshwater
Estimated consumption time 60 days
Minimum Volume 5 L
Maximum volume 40 L
Dimensions (LxWxH) 3,6 x 3,7 x 6 cm
Gross weight 0,06 kg

Size L
Color Black
Reference COM560045
Water Freshwater
Estimated consumption time 60 days
Minimum Volume 80 L
Maximum volume 250 L
Dimensions (LxWxH) 6,6 x 5,7 x 9,2 cm
Gross weight 0,18 kg

Size M
Color Black
Reference COM560044
Water Freshwater
Estimated consumption time 60 days
Minimum Volume 40 L
Maximum volume 80 L
Dimensions (LxWxH) 5,4 x 4,5 x 7 cm
Gross weight 0,11 kg

In detail


All kinds of fish.


Natural plants.


Easy installation.

Automatic Dosage

No energy.

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