Retains particles and organic matter existing in the water.

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  • Mechanical Filtration
  • It should be used daily for a water without impurities.

Reference COM560021 COM560025 COM560026 COM560027
Size S M L XL
Dose/box 1 1 1 1
Color Black Black Black Black
Dimensions (cm) LxWxH 4x3x6,5 4,5×3,5×7,5 5,4×5,4×24,5 5,4×5,4×34
Compatible with filters CF40, Magi200*, SuperClean40* CF80, Magi380*, SuperClean60* CFBIO150 CFBIO250
Weight 0,01kg 0,01kg 0,05kg 0,06kg
*Purchased product until end of 2014.
The reference to the present equipments it is only indicative.