Aqua 20C

O AQUA 20 Classic, é um pequeno aquário em vidro equipado com uma tampa com dobradiças e um sistema de filtração Ciano® de alta performance para conservar uma água cristalina o mais tempo possível e com um mínimo de esforço.

Equipment Included

1 Inner Filter CF40 Ciano®;

1 Dose WATER CLEAR “S” Ciano®;

1 FOAM “S” 30PPI Ciano®;

Available Colors

quadrado_preto quadrado_branco

Available Sizes

15C 20C 20
30 60 80


Stylish and durable

With perfect and resistant finishes, the Aqua 20C excels by its elegance and safety, with anti-shock plastic frames, polished corners and its lid with hinges.

High performance filtration system

For easy maintenance the Aqua 20C is equipped with the CF40 Ciano® internal filtration system, optimized for reduced fish stress and with a spray bar that allows a more even distribution of water and increased oxygenation.

Powerful and economical lighting (optional)

The Aqua 20C features the CLA20 Ciano®, a certified low-voltage lighting system for total safety, ensuring natural lighting and low energy consumption.

Technical information

Color Black | White
Reference EUR AQM540133 | AQM540155
Reference UK AQM540721 | AQM540730
Dimensions (LxWxH) 40 x 20 x 26 cm
Useful Volume 17 L
Gross weight 3,05 Kg



Elegant and Functional.


Anti-shock plastic frames.

LED Lighting System

CLA20 Ciano® (optional).

Filtration System

High yield.


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