Cube 10

O CUBE 10 é um pequeno aquário em vidro de fácil utilização, que se adaptará facilmente a qualquer divisão da sua casa.

Equipment Included

1 Inner filter CF20 Ciano®;


1 FOAM Size S;

1 Glass lid;

1 LED CLA20 Universal Ciano® (1,5W - 12VDC).

Available Colors

Available Sizes


Elegante e funcional

Elegant and functional design

Its cube-shaped cubicle-shaped design with polished corners stands out, which shows its excellence in quality and decoration, which will transmit tranquility in any place that is in a room of home or in the workplace.

Simple and stylish lighting bracket

Integrated into the Cube 10 is a LED illumination bracket, which includes the CLA20 Universal Ciano®, a certified low voltage lighting system for total safety, ensuring natural lighting and low energy consumption.

Iluminação CLA20 Universal Cube
CF20 do Cube 5

High-performance filtration

The CF20 Ciano Filter® is fitted with a flow regulator that makes it ideal for small fish like Betta Splendens. The filtration capability will keep the water crystal clear and unscented.

Technical information

Ficha técnica do Cube 10

Color Black
Reference EUR AQM690137
Reference UK AQM690716
Dimensions (LxWxH) 22 x 22,8 x 26,2 cm
Uselful Volume 9,5 L
Gross weight 2,6 Kg


Glass lid

Elegant and functional.


Base with Protection foam.

Lighting System

Powerful and economical.

Filtration System

High yield.

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