Emotions PRO 40

The new Emotions Pro 40 reaffirms its aquarium line and combines elegance with technology. The CFBIO L Ciano® filter ensures an optimum renewal of water and perfect maintenance of the aquatic balance. They include an economical LED lighting system with Lightboost combining 9000K with 6500K. The size of the Emotions® PRO 40 adapts to any space in your home.

Equipment Included

1 Biological filter CFBIO L Ciano®;

1 LED lighting system CLE40 Ciano® (LED + Converter 13W – 24VDC);

1 Converter LED (24VDC);

1 Water Pump 260 l/h;

1 Heater 50W;

1 Water Clear & Protection “L” Ciano®;

1 Water Bio-Bact “L” Ciano®;

1 Water Foam “L” Ciano®;

Optional - 1 Digital Thermometer.

Available Colors

Available Sizes

60 80 100 120 150


Equipment CFBIO L Ciano Filter - Ciano Aquarium

CFBIO L Filtration System

The aquarium is equipped with a CFBIO L Ciano® biological filtration system, with more filtration power due to its horizontal filtration (filter masses). The filter is equipped with a high performance motor 260 l / h, an efficient 50W heater and consumables (1 Water Clear & Protection “L”, 1 Water Bio-Bact “L” and 1 Water Foam ”L“) for chemical, biological and mechanical filtration. Optionally, you can attach a fully immersible digital thermometer with an integrated sensor.

Ciano® LED System

Economic, Powerful, Adjustable and Universal are the characteristics of the new CLE40 Ciano®. The new lighting system from Ciano® ensures greater light with less consumption of resources.

New Alumium Covers

Elegant and functional aquarium

As is already characteristic of Ciano, Emotions Pro is manufactured with excellent quality materials, in which the lacquered aluminum frames stand out. The lid allows full access to the aquarium, facilitating its maintenance. As an option, you can purchase a mobile Emotions Pro developed with the same lines that provide a perfect set.


Color Black | White | Mystic
Reference EUR (Black/ White/ Mystic) AQM700147 | AQM700148 | AQM700149
Reference UK (Black/ White/ Mystic) AQM700727 | AQM700728 | AQM700729
Aquarium Dimensions (LxWxH) 39,8 x 39,8 x 43 cm
Useful Volume 52 L
Gross weight 18,25 Kg
Optional table – Color Black | White | Oak Oasis | Mystic | Black Marble
Optional table – Reference TAB570062 | TAB570063 | TAB570065 | TAB570064 | TAB570066
Optional table - Dimensions (LxWxH) 39,8 x 39,8 x 94,8 cm



Frames in lacquered aluminum.


With full access to the aquarium.

Food Lid

Possibility of placing automatic feeder.

LED Lighting System

Powerful and economical.

CFBIO L Ciano®

Biological Filtration.


Capacity up to 260 l/h.


Designed especially for Emotions Pro.


Ciano® thermometer for CFBIO L filter (optional).