CLN5 RGB Ciano® is a touch, certified system that delivers optimum performance with reduced power consumption. With the RGB CLN5, you can opt for white lighting or activate the RGB system which gives you distinct illumination through the automatic color transition (Red, Green and Blue). The RGB CLN5 is compatible with the Nexus Pure 5C aquarium.

Equipment Included

LED lighting system CLN5 RGB Ciano® (1,5W - 12VDC);

Converter system (12VDC).

Available Colors

Available Sizes

20 60 60 P



This is a touch lighting system that is switched on with a simple touch. To turn on the RGB mode, touch it again. After being turned on, the RGB mode works automatically and repeatedly, changing color every hour (1º red, 2º green, 3º blue). The color may be changed manually. Note: If you touch it when the blue light is on, the RGB mode will be turned off, going back to white. Whenever the system is switched on, it will start with the white color. To turn off the LED, press for 3 seconds.

Technical information

Color Clear
Reference EUR ECC580107
Reference UK ECC580735
Dimensions (LxWxH) 6,3 x 1,8 x 6,8 cm
Luminous flux 80lm
Color Temperature 6300K
Protection index IP68
Gross weight 0,147 kg
Compatible with Nexus Pure 5C

In detail

RGB system

Transition of colors, red, green and blue.

Low Consumption

1,5 W.

Low tension

12 VDC.


IP68 protection rating.