The CF80 Ciano® is a high-performance inner filter, easy installation and reduced maintenance. Optimized for a smaller stress your fish.

Ideal for aquariums between 40 and 80 Litres.

  • Spray bar;
  • Low energy consumption;
  • CLEAR WATER "M" and FOAM "M" for crystal clear water and odorless;
  • Capacity: Triple filtration (mechanical, biological and chemical) Ciano®.

  • 1 spray bar (more uniform water distribution and increased oxygenation);
  • 1 Dose WATER CLEAR “M” Ciano®;
  • 1 FOAM “M” 30PPI Ciano®;
  • 1 Instruction Guide.

Color Black
Reference EUR EQM200003
Reference UK
Dimensions (LxWxH)
4,3 x 6,2 x 18,5 cm
Motor 380 l/h
Min Volume 40 L
Max Volume 80 L
Gross weight
0,41 Kg
Consumables Size "M"

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