CLE60 Plants

It is a certified lighting system, with great power and reduced consumption, Green Energy. In addition to being compatible with most controllers on the market, it can also be adapted to any aquarium using the universal supports included in the CLE60 Plants. The CLE60 Plants lighting system is available in color, black and white and is compatible with Emotions PRO 60 and Emotions One 80

Equipment Included

LED lighting system CLE60 Plants Ciano® (16W – 24VDC);

Converter system LED (24 VDC);

2 brakes for Emotions ONE;

2 universal supports.

Available Colors

Available Sizes

40 80 100 120 150

Extra LED

Technical information

Color Black | White
Reference EUR ECC580273 | ECC580282
Reference UK ECC580780 | ECC580789
Dimensions (LxWxH) 58 x 6,8 x 2 cm
Protection index IP67
Gross weight 1,68 kg
Compatible with Emotions Pro 60 and Emotions One 80*.
*Only as extra Led.
UNIVERSAL 60cm - 80cm

In detail

Special for Plants

Promotes the growth of plants.

Blue wavelength

455 nm.

Red wavelength

660 nm.


IP67 protection rating.