Raises the total hardness of the water in a precise and safe manner.


Add the minerals that are indispensable for good quality water and healthy fish. The GH value should be higher than 3°dH and adapted to the biotope of the aquarium.

HOW should it be used?

Shake well before use. Add the dose of WATER GH, preferably near the water outlet of the filter.
Dose: 10mL for every 40L (always for the total volume of the aquarium).
One dose of WATER GH increases the hardness by 1°dH. Double the dose if you want an increase of 2°dH. Maximum increase per day of 2°dH.

WHEN should it be used?

Take measurements using the CIANO® “WATER TEST STRIPS” 6 in 1, at least once every fortnight.
Follow the product instructions and the “CIANO CARE” guide.

Technical information

Size 100 ml
Reference TRE400003
Dimensions (LxWxH) 6,3 x 2,6 x 14,1 cm
Water Freshwater
Dose 10mL for every 40L

In detail


Raises the total hardness of the water.


Adds calcium to the water.


Adds magnesium to the water.


Quickly and lasting.

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