Emotions ONE 80

The Emotions Nature® ONE 80 is an aquarium of excellence fully equipped with a unique design and high-quality materials. Emotions® ONE comes with the new filtration CFBIO XL, with the capacity for greater and more complete mechanical, biological, and chemical filtration. It includes a more economical LED lighting system and light quality. Its details make the Emotions® ONE a unique Aquarium in the fishkeeping world.

Equipment Included

1 Biological filter CFBIO XL Ciano®;

1 LED lighting system CLE80 Ciano® (24W – 38VDC);

1 Converter LED (27 - 40VDC);

1 Water Pump MAX 850 l/h;

1 Heater 150W;

1 Cabinet with lacquered and embossed doors;

1 Water Clear & Protection “XL” Ciano®;

2 Water Bio-Bact “XL” Ciano®;

1 Water Foam “XL” Ciano®;

1 Water Foam Coarse “XL” Ciano®;

1 Water Pad “XL” Ciano®;

1 Digital Thermometer.

Available Colors

Available Sizes

80 100


Innovative and sophisticated lid

The Emotions One is endowed with a glass cover with aluminum finishes, a sleek, sophisticated design, laser engraving and stainless steel hinges. Versatility and convenience are also laid on the lid, as this allows full access to the aquarium, but holds together a small lid of food optimized for an automatic feeder.

Economic and powerful lighting

Equipped with a certified CLE80 Ciano® LED lighting system, which provides economical and powerful lighting.

Efficient and functional biological filtration

The aquarium is equipped with our powerful CFBIO XL Ciano® biological filtration system, with greater filtration capacity and efficiency. The filter is fully equipped with a high performance motor MAX 850 L/H , an efficient 150W heater, a fully immersible digital thermometer with integrated sensor (option) and consumables (1 x Water Clear & Protection “XL”, 2 x Water Bio-Bact “XL”, 1 x Water Foam “XL”, 1 x Water Foam Coarse “XL”, and 1 x Water Pad “XL”), for chemical, biological and mechanical filtration.

Robust and modern furniture

Specially designed for Emotions One, it is a furniture with modern lines that rewards for its robustness and finishes, has two lacquered and raised doors equipped with a push-pull system.

Technical information

Color Black | White
Reference EUR (Black / White) AET700119 | AET700120
Reference UK (Black / White) AET700716 | AET700717
Aquarium dimensions (LxWxH) 82 x 41,4 x 56,3 cm
Cabinet dimensions (LxWxH) 81 x 40 x 83 cm
Set dimensions (LxWxH) 82 x 41,4 x 139,3 cm
Useful Volume 152 L
Gross weight 73,52 kg



Stylish design.


Total access to the aquarium.

Food lid

Optimized for automatic feeder.


Stainless steel hinges.

LED Lighting System

Powerful and economical.

Easy Assembly of Led

Simplified installation system.

Cabinet Doors

Push-pull system.


CFBIO Fully equipped Ciano.


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