The CF40 Ciano® it's a high-performance inner filter, easy installation and reduced maintenance. Optimized for a lower fish stress. Ideal for aquariums between 20 and 40 liters.

Equipment Included

1 spray bar (more uniform water distribution and increased oxygenation);

1 Dose WATER CLEAR “S” Ciano®;

1 FOAM “S” 30PPI Ciano®;

Available Colors

Available Sizes



Application My Ciano

For simple management of the filtration system, Ciano has the My Ciano application, which allows real-time monitoring of consumable wear, creating alerts for the renewal of the consumables.

Triple filtration

Prepared for a triple filtration: chemical, biological and mechanical, which will eliminate substances harmful to fish and keep the water clear of odors, combat algae, maintain the ecosystem and retain particles and organic matter in the water.

Technical information

Reference EUR EQM200001
Reference UK EQM200002
Dimensions (LxWxH) 3,5 x 5,5 x 14 cm
Motor 200 l/h
Minimum Volume 20 L
Maximum volume 40 L
Gross weight 0,25 Kg
Consumables Size “S”


Spray Bar

More uniform distribution of water and increased oxygenation.

Stress of the fish

Optimized for less fish stress.

Triple Filtration

Mechanical, Biological and Chemical.


Installation and maintenance.

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